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May 15, 2017 11:18 pm Published by

First I’d like to thank Craig Passant for coming on our show, was a pleasure talking with you and spinning your songs. Scalefighter is proof that true hard rock and metal still exists! Old school hard rock and metal with a modern edge, The Minutes Like Days album has everything, each song unique in it’s own way, no two songs sound the same, I really love the constant changes in the songs, and epic sound. Awesome guitar work, and amazing vocals. I love when I hear a band who has their own sound, and doesn’t sound like a thousand other bands that are out there, and Scalefighter definitely has their own original sound, too many bands today sound alike. So if you’re looking for something original, unique, and epic, then pick up a copy of Minutes Like Days by Scalefighter…Another awesome band out of Canada!

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