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Melodic, Hard Rock, Prog Metal. Metal music is meant to  move your soul, it is purposeful and direct in it’s relentless pursuit of domination. Scalefighter’s  journey into the dark abyss is like a suit of armor man. You strap it on when the first song drops and it begins to take hold. Your head starts to rock with the rhythm of the track and that armor begins to feel like another layer of metal skin. You’re now in Scalefighter’s army!

Scalefighter leads you on a perilous journey of destruction and mayhem. Dragging you  kicking and screaming through the rubble left behind in the wake of powerful melodies and soulful lyrics. Vocals performed by Robin Lei Tietz, are edgy and new yet they leave you with a sense of belonging like you’ve been there before. From ballads to blazing soul burners, the thoughtful lyric envelopes you and the heart- pounding melodies rip away any doubt about the songs direction. Straightforward and powerful! Every track swells with a sense of rich, deep Metal heritage. The depth of Craig Passant’s virtuosity on guitar is very tasty indeed. His riffage delivers and his approach is fresh. His solos are a testament to the genre and his melodic chops just crush it!

An intricate tapestry of leads, vocals, and mesmerizing rhythms. This band takes risks and has no fear! In a world of endless clones, Scalefighter stands alone. Especially in these days of stale, soulless cannon fodder that the music industry hurls at you. How refreshing to have new blood shed on the altar of rock and roll!

Produced, performed, and written by multi-instrumentalist Craig Passant and vocalist Robin Lei Tietz, along with Scotty Gamble supplying endless killer beats on drums, Co-Produced by Bob Gabelhouse, this project is like no other. The journey is filled with everything an aspiring fan could want. The story is told through layers of skillful song crafting, invoking metal from the gods of the 80’s while still carving it’s own path. Impeccable musical skills and insane guitar riffs just keep coming at you! There is a flow, like the river of time, that winds through these tracks…leading you back to the source. Bringing you full circle, and once again your armor lies waiting….for the next assault. Their future is bright and their fans are legion. Pick up the album “Minutes Like Days” and join them…you won’t regret it!  New Scalefighter album & music video releasing later in 2018.    Morgan Toutant-WAIL



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