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Awesome stuff !

The GFSix Show.

Excellent!…… Greetings from Argentina.

Marcello Gausch

Totally dig this, and want to hear more !

Rich Mahogany

Awesome tunes !

Raul Maldonado

Canada is a vast and cold territory, and thank God it’s been so cold up there that people get together in the warm atmosphere of studio’s and compose awesome music. One of them is this band that came out of nowhere, who know how to make us vibrate with impressive musical vibes. Thanks to Diminished Pitch Entertainment , thank you Scalefighter!

Vassilis Agaponia, “Kifisia, Greece.”

I’ve been listening to Scalefighter’s C.D. for  a few weeks now,  as I cruise around in my corvette convertible… I’m blown away by the exhilarating music, pounding drums, screaming guitars and vocals, that remind me of bands like Rush, Scorpions and Whitesnake, I hate comparisons but these are who come to mind. The ballad’s are beautiful, powerful and moving… I’m very impressed with the song writing and music arrangements…wow!!  This band is going  places and I need to know when and where because I will be there! Five out five stars, rock on!


Jamie Boratynec

John Brandyberry of Diminished Entertainment, Michael Stover of MTS Management Group/MTS Records, and Clyde Hill of Magnetized Management are pleased to announce the upcoming interviews presented by Diminished Pitch Entertainment Radio Division, as Willy “The Beast” Forrest presents a series of interviews featuring guitar players in 2018, about guitars, guitar playing,  guitar gear, and other entertainment industry business. One a special feature artist…. Craig Passant of Scalefighter!

View the full interview here.

The Metal Edge Group – Interview

No los conociamos, pero suenan muy bien. Nos han gustado esas guitarras amigos, no dejeis de escucharios. Un abrazo amigos.   Cinco de cinco estrellas.


Juan Carlos Garcia at Todo Rock Murcia, Spain.

These guys have a great 8o’s influenced rock sound that I’m a super fan of. “Minutes Like Days” sounds like an Alice Cooper/ AC-DC collaboration with a little hair band mixed in to kick it up a notch. They also have great ballads like “Again” and “Never” winding down. I’ll be sure to be playing their music on my show on Total Metal Radio regularly. Can’t wait to hear more from Scalefighter!

Papa Squat – DJ for Total Metal Radio