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Five out of five stars! Great band out of Canada, check them out! Another great band from Diminished Pitch Entertainment.13728893_933121310130803_8172431424102904826_n castle Blakk radio pic

D.J. Jay Bieler at Castle Blakk Radio, Born of Chaos Records- street team.

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Scalefighter’s title track “Minutes Like Days” has been represented at this years 2017 UFA King of Asia Flowehorn Competition at “The Singapore Expo”.

25942_10151329230964877_616688028_n coxThe founder of Scalefighter, Craig Passant is a great musician and song writer.  The C.D. “Minutes Like Days”  is a great example of awesome music, lyrics, and production values. The vocals of Robin Lei Tietz are truly pro plus caliber! Craig Passant’s musical experience shines on  this C.D.,  it is a tribute to the great musician that he is. Scalefighter has an all around great sound and production that we were glad to play on our podcast, and a project  that I would highly recommend to any fan of great rock music. –Allen Cox

Allen Cox. Cox Music Productions/Show. BTD Radio.

Entertainment Review – Scalefighter

Q1: At what age did you start playing guitar?

A1: I began very young at about 5 to 6 years of age . My father brought home a little red Ukelele, which I still have, Ha! Once I put my eyes on it I was hooked, I still remember that day vividly. My brother actually started his lessons a few years before me as he is older, but then once I started lessons I was kicking his guitar butt in a few weeks, Ha!

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Scalefighter Interview

Blog Talk Radio Interview

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Rock Casserole Radio Interview

First I’d like to thank Craig Passant for coming on our show, was a pleasure talking with you and spinning your songs. Scalefighter is proof that true hard rock and metal still exists! Old school hard rock and metal with a modern edge, The Minutes Like Days album has everything, each song unique in it’s own way, no two songs sound the same, I really love the constant changes in the songs, and epic sound. Awesome guitar work, and amazing vocals. I love when I hear a band who has their own sound, and doesn’t sound like a thousand other bands that are out there, and Scalefighter definitely has their own original sound, too many bands today sound alike. So if you’re looking for something original, unique, and epic, then pick up a copy of Minutes Like Days by Scalefighter…Another awesome band out of Canada!

Jeff Dbury – Host of The Rock Casserole Radio Show – Digital Revolution Radio

I have worked on a previous project with Rob and Craig, who are both very talented musicians. That project was one of the most enjoyable projects to come out of The Rockroom Studio! I can say truthfully, that I really like their style and this album is a great example of that amazing style!

This album kicks some serious butt and I love the songs, the sounds, the mix, all of it! This ain’t no bubblegum pop shite….

Way to go, guys, this one kicks!!!


Doug Temlett @ Rockroom Productions

So awesome. Proud to be Canadian! “Again”, is my favorite.

Robin K