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Wacko Bob of The Wacko Radio Network is pleased to produce and present the next episode of the Entertainment Review Radio Show. The hosts John Jeff Brandyberry from Diminished Pitch Entertainment and Willy The Beast Forrest will be joined by two guests during the finale to the New Music of Canada programming during the month of November. Joining the hosts are two guitar players during the program the first guests are guitarist Craig Passant, and lead vocalist Robin Lei Tietz of the new rock band SCALEFIGHTER and then Mr Jeff Neill the current guitar player of Kenny Shields and Streetheart/The Official Site.

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This album rocks! totally worth the purchase. I bought it on the Android store and sounds amazing!!

Jeff Paulson

Love It! Truly epic – you want to listen to it over and over. Fantastic job by Fantastic musicians. A very talented group of individuals. So happy for all of you to accomplish such an awesome feat! Congratulations!

Missy Mayhem