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Rock n Roll never dies thanx to guys like you!!!

kathy overland

Wow, the first track I heard blew my mind, then I heard Minutes Like Days and I was sold.

This ain’t no Nickelback man, best music to come out of Canada in 20 years, must buy this album.

Hank Hildebrant

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Go to 53:40 for our Interview.

Dog and Crow Show

Finally some real rock & roll, can’t get enough of this s*#t.

Dave Olsen

Killer band definitely!

Jon Angel Portillo

Wow, what a rare treat , great musicianship all around, I’m addicted, kicks ass!

Steve D.P.

There’s some old school serious stuff here!!

Benjamin Deville

Great to hear this CD after all the work & time that went into creating it! My top 4 picks are, ‘Never’, ‘Roads’, ‘Reach Back’, ‘Again’ & ‘Womb to Tomb’. They all sound like big hits to me. Love the slide guitar on ‘Never’. Also I can hear Craig’s classical influence throughout. Incredibly powerful! Well done all!

Kim Brame, BMT, MTA Music Therapist

Check out Scalefighter, a fantastic band from Canada.

Wanda Byrom, Rock Rage Radio

An awesome band and awesome sound.

Trev at Sky Blue Radio in the United kngdom